The Mission

The Women Wednesday Next Gen Mentorship Program seeks to uplift women of color and non-binary people of color in the executive pipeline of the entertainment industry in the hopes of sculpting a more diverse array of decision-makers. By forming and nurturing mentorship relationships, we hope to create an exceptional class of executives, producers, agents, and managers. Spanning from March to December 2022, the Next Gen program will match early career individuals with carefully selected seasoned mentors, who will provide guidance and serve as allies to mentees experiencing the unique and challenging waters of one's first few years in the entertainment business. Mentors will also be provided with leadership and management training throughout the program to continue their own growth and development. By the end of the program, our goal is for mentors to feel better equipped to be mindful, self-aware leaders, and for mentees to feel prepared to succeed in this business long-term.


What is the time commitment?

Rather than loading up your schedules with meetings at regular intervals, we expect mentor and mentee pairs to form relationships organically and connect as often as works for their relationship. While we do want participants committed to the program, we’ll ask in the application how much time you have to give and meet you where you’re at during our matching process. Outside of speaking with your mentor/mentee on your own time, we’ll have pre-training sessions for all, as well as panels with guest speakers every few months, a variety of events and meet-ups (when it’s possible!), and our own tracking board – all of which you can participate in as much as your schedule allows.

How many people are in the program?

We will be accepting approximately 50 mentors and 50 mentees.


Can I be both a mentee and mentor?

While you may qualify for both in terms of experience, you may only apply as either a mentee or a mentor for a given program cycle.

How much experience do I need to apply?

We will make our mentorship matches based on what will best help mentees level up. You may apply to be a mentee if you are a student, intern, or first or second-year assistant/coordinator, and will be matched with coordinators and CEs with 3-6 years of experience who are in touch with early career decisions! Seasoned assistants/coordinators and newly appointed CEs with at least 3 years of experience may also apply as mentees to be matched with mid-level executive mentors (DOD/Manager/VP) with approximately 7-12 years of experience who can help mentees make the elusive transition into owning their own work in an executive role.


Can I apply again if I participated last year?

We welcome past mentors and mentees to apply as mentors. If you previously participated in the WW mentorship program as a mentee, we ask that you please not reapply as a mentee candidate, and encourage you to apply as a mentor!